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Power supply

Power Supply

Public Power Supply

Colony health monitoring systems have several alternatives to a supply of power. First is the electricity available from the public power supply. This is typically available to backyard beekeepers and to apiaries near human-occupied areas. Using this power will require running a line to the colonies being monitored. In the event of power failure a provision for auto- or manual restart is also required.

If the electrical grid is not convenient to one’s hives, one must rely on batteries. These will need to be replaced periodically, or to be recharged, perhaps with a second battery or another portable power supply, a solar collector, or with some other energy harvesting method.
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Recharging batteries

bee keeping technologies

Honey power

One intriguing alternative to solar power for battery recharging is micro- fuel cells powered by honey. These glucose biofuel cells are still research projects, but would be worth having in a bee-yard as solar cells reveal the presence of valuable electronics, while honey-powered fuel cells could be hidden within one’s hives.

For more honey power information, search on the term “glucose biofuel cells”

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