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Reporting and Visualizing the Data

Initially, the results of data analysis should be presented to the beekeeper in a manner that enables her to take action. For example, some beekeeper’s questions the analysis might address are:

  • What’s happening right now, for example, bear attack, swarm, …
  • What’s happening this this week or this season, for example, how much honey are they producing, what is the degree of mite infestation?
  • How do these colonies compare to each other, to other colonies in the same county or state?
  • How do this year’s colonies compare to previous year’s colonies in terms of health and productivity?

Some questions might require an interactive exploration of the data, for example:

  • What factors, whether environmental, colony related, or beekeeper related, might account for the differences in colony productivity?

Later, more advanced analysis may enable the software to be more prescriptive, for example:

  • What actions should the beekeeper take? Is it time to add feed, add honey storage space, rotate brood chambers, take swarm prevention measures, treat for nosema, etc.?

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