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Brood volume

Brood volume and winter cluster

Bees expend a lot of effort in raising more bees, and bee brood volume is an excellent measure of colony health. Fortunately, bees maintain their brood at a constant temperature, 35C (95F), so brood volume is easy to measure with a matrix of temperature sensors in the brood box. The more sensors placed in the brood area, the more accurate the estimate of brood volume can be.

Temperature sensors placed in the area where the bees will cluster and consume feed in winter will also allow beekeepers to follow the size, shape, and movement of the winter cluster.

At this time, we are unaware of any temperature monitoring effort that provides a brood volume measurement, or a more precise characterization of the brood situation. We are also unaware of any similar effort to monitor overwintering progress. However, several beekeeping technologists have installed one or two temperature sensors in the brood nest.
bee keeping technologiesWebsites reporting simple brood area temperatures include:

bee keeping technologiesA device for researchers, one that monitors the temperature in many cells, is described in this article in the Apidologie journal:

bee keeping technologiesThe utility of a single temperature sensor above the brood nest is described in this article available for purchase, which has an excellent reference section, many available online:

bee keeping technologiesbee keeping technologies

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