Other resources


Other Resources

Here we list other websites that address hive monitoring issues, beekeeping forums, and upcoming and past events in the field.

We make every attempt to stay up to date, but the speed of technological change in colony monitoring devices may, at times, overwhelm us.  Please feel free to comment with any additional information you may have.


Websites & Forums

Colony monitoring sites The websites listed here address multiple hive monitoring issues. beehacker.com This site explores the confluence of beekeeping and technology. It is targeted at the amateur and professional beekeeper or bee lover, scientist, engineer, inventor, or DIYer. The primary goal is to develop new, Open Source technologies that can benefit the honey bee and everyone else that …


Colony Monitoring Events Upcoming events EAS 2018 will have a full day track on colony monitoring on Monday, August 13, 2018, in Hampton, VA. For details on the Electronic Hive Monitoring track, see this description. For details on EAS 2018, visit http://www.easternapiculture.org/conferences/eas-2018.html. Do you know of an upcoming event that should be listed here? Please comment …

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