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Colony monitoring sites

The websites listed here address multiple hive monitoring issues.
This site explores the confluence of beekeeping and technology. It is targeted at the amateur and professional beekeeper or bee lover, scientist, engineer, inventor, or DIYer. The primary goal is to develop new, Open Source technologies that can benefit the honey bee and everyone else that benefits from the honey bee.

The Hiveeyes Project

This site lists a large number of colony monitoring projects.

Honey Bee Technology Forums

We make every effort to stay up to date, but the speed of technological change in colony monitoring devices may, at times, overwhelm us. Visitors to this site may also want to check honey bee technology forums. Here are some that we are aware of:


Other sites you may find interesting

The Bee Peeker – Resources for those looking to buy or build an observation hive.

Bees for Development promotes sustainable beekeeping as a means of alleviating poverty and promoting biodiversity.

Bees as Biosensors. In contrast to using sensors to monitor bees, bees can also serve as sensors themselves. They bring samples of their environment to the hive in the form of nectar, pollen, propolis, and water, and the chemicals these contain, and bees can be trained to search for specific odors as well. This review article of bees as biosensors includes an overview of colony monitoring technologies.


A list of all of the websites referenced on this website.

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