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Commercially Available Hive Monitoring Capabilities

These sensor systems are available for purchase today. Most beekeepers will find them too expensive for ordinary use however, as they cost several times the value of the colony they are monitoring; nevertheless, they may be useful in special situations. If you are aware of a honey bee hive monitoring website that is not listed here, please contact us with that URL using the form on this website. We also appreciate notification of any URLs that are no longer functioning.

See also Monitoring Components / Sensing for more commercial technologies

Multi-sensor Monitoring

Arnia’s state of the art remote hive monitoring system was designed by beekeepers for beekeepers. We have been monitoring bee hives since 2011 and our monitors are currently installed in hundreds of hives in 14 different countries. Arnia hive monitors enable you to receive vital information about your honey bee colonies, such as brood temperature, hive humidity, bee activity (foraging/flying/fanning) and hive weight.


Hive weight

A revolutionary product to remote monitor hives by measuring their weight using SMS technology accessible from any mobile phone. Company is in France. Website available in English, French, German and Spanish.
bee keeping technologies
BeeWatch Professional Scale
Swienty Beekeeping Equipment. High Quality Beekeeping Equipment since 1981. Company is in Denmark. Website available in English, German and Danish. Swienty has recently added a weather station, a brood (temperature) sensor, and beecam to their monitoring offerings.
bee keeping technologiesbee keeping technologies
Hivemind is a nifty little box we’ve designed for you to remotely track how much honey is in your beehives. Monitor colonies in remote areas using satellite communications.


Colony foraging activity

Lowland Electronics
Lowland Electronics develops and markets hardware products and services designed to study bee behaviour.  The beecounters BeeSCAN, ApiSCAN and BumbleSCAN are some of their most known products. Company is in Belgium. Website is in English.


Anti-theft or vandalism

As honey bee products, such as Manuka honey, and services, such as almond pollination, become more valuable, beehive theft has become more of a problem. General purpose anti-theft GPS trackers, however, are not designed to address the specific circumstances of beekeepers and beehives.

GPS Trackers

Hive Identification

  • An RFID tag, embedded in the foam construction of the hive such that it cannot be detected externally, nor removed without destroying the hive, makes hive identification easy, even from a short distance.”

For detecting unauthorized hive movement, one might also consider some of the general purpose GPS tracking devices currently on the market. Such devices can be found on many websites, for example


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  1. The folks at will design and build colony monitoring systems for researchers.
    The company is in Maryland, USA.

  2. Bee Alert Technologies website is not responding – and it looks like the domain is parked – so I would say it has been gone for a while

    1. Thank you Steve! Hope you were not inconvenienced by this bad link.

  3. Hi Colony Monitoring team and readers!

    I’m excited to share our product here with you called EyesOnHives. It’s a computer vision based Bee Hive Health Monitor with a web app for viewing anytime anywhere.

    EyesOnHives is a camera and data platform for beekeepers, researchers & citizen scientists, first released in Beta in 2015, and going strong into 2017. You can read more at

  4. Hi,
    If you want to monitor your beehives, we can help you with our solution @hostabee demo there : or you can test our app .
    hostabee team

  5. A scale for remote beehive monitoring :

    Weighing technology without strain gauges, just mechanical !! excellent value for money

    We can easily add many homemade sensors 🙂

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