Colony Management & Recordkeeping Software

The purpose of colony management and record keeping software is to make beekeepers’ work easier. Electronic recordkeeping enables beekeepers to input data about their colonies and apiaries directly into a recordkeeping system. This information, in turn, enables beekeepers to manage their colonies more efficiently and effectively. For example, data gathered during a hive inspection enables beekeepers to prepare the supplies and equipment for the next apiary visit, to estimate when the next visit should take place, and the time required to carry out the needed actions. The data will also enable the beekeeper to calculate the cost/benefit of various locations, queens, equipment, and practices. Furthermore, pooling ones’ data with that of other beekeepers having similar goals, methods, and circumstances enables an automated comparison of methods and outcomes. For example, determining which methods lead to fewest colony losses, most honey harvested, etc. In short, the collaborative bootstrapping of beekeeping expertise.

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HiveTracks Vision: a platform supporting all levels of beekeeping activity… Our network of beekeepers will evolve into a vibrant, collaborative community; voluntarily sharing data, best practices, products, and services. Our comprehensive solutions will positively impact honey bee health, the success of beekeepers, and the demand for healthy food. The data we capture will lead to a deeper understanding of honey bee health and its linkage to global food security.

Welcome to the hive note program: Hivelog – Keep it simple. This is a program that can be used on smartphones, iPhones, and iPads in the beekeepers apiary or on your personal home computer. The aim is the have an easy, fast way of collecting the most important data of the bee colonies (or queens) during a beekeeping season. This hivelog program is owned by the Danish Beekeepers Association

Hive Log’s features include a custom map, calendar, three types of inspections (with speech to text for ease of use in the field) including Simple Inspections, Detailed Inspections and Guided Inspections (perfect to give the new beekeeper confidence as they open their hives for the first few times).

ApiBuzz from

Keeping excellent hive records could not get easier! Use your smartphone and an NFC hive tag to easily view and update individual hive information, record apiary notes and generally keep up with the beekeeping season. ApiBuzz ™ allows beekeepers and beekeeping operations to upgrade from the spreadsheet/paper/whiteboard/wand approach and start using real data to drive the decision-making process.

APiS B-App is a web-based software platform that helps beekeepers manage their beehives and assess data-driven insights to improve decision-making process.

The B App was created to enhance record keeping, and bring organization in to this unique industry with the help of technology.